What is a makeup vanity is a common question people ask.  If you have mirrors in mind then this is what this article is about.

The name vanity may make us think it’s something new.  It’s not.  Vanity mirror is an essential everyday-use personal grooming mirror that is used to check your appearance, do your hair, apply makeup and basically assist you to look your best.  In this sense, vanity mirror is often referred to as the makeup mirror, thus the name makeup vanity.

I wonder why it’s called “vanity” when the mirror is suppose to help us apply makeup to make us look glamorous.  Historically, in the eighteenth century, the vanity mirror is associated with vanity table or a grooming table, thereby the name vanity mirror.

Today, makeup vanity mirrors come in incredible variety, shapes, sizes and functionalities.  You can have makeup vanity mirrors in the bathroom, bedroom, car or portable ones.  You have the Hollywood-inspired makeup vanity mirror with lights that enables you to see the tiniest details of your face.

New features of the makeup vanity mirrors includes Bluetooth speakers, that enables you to listen to music whilst undertaking your beauty regime.  Other added functionalities includes USB charging ports to charge your phone, clock, calendar and more decorative features making your vanity mirror a beautiful and trendy home decor.

The makeup vanity mirror is therefore an essential household item that is worth investing in.  If you are a woman who applies makeup, this is a must-have, if you can afford.  Check out my articles on how to choose the right type of vanity mirror, and the new features of the vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth.  The functionalities of these mirrors keep improving with technology.

Have you ever watched one of those “No Mirror Makeup Challenge” Youtube videos?  It’s fun but there is an important takeaway message there.  It’s about self-consciousness and confidence.  Without the mirror, our self-confidence in the way we look will be ruined.

You can get a good makeup vanity mirror for less than $50 or more with enhanced features, functionalities and size.  Check out the wide variety on makeup vanity mirrors as advertised by Amazon below.

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