Vanity Mirror with Lights for Makeup – New Features to Consider

Makeup is an expressive and creative art.  There are professional makeup artists who use tools and techniques to transform and enhance a woman’s appearance so she looks beautiful and feel good.  It increases self-confidence and boosts self-esteem.  If you can’t afford to hire a makeup artist then one of the highly recommended tools you must have is a vanity mirror with lights for makeup.

As an artist, you apply makeup meticulously with care.  You want to be confident that you applied your makeup correctly before you step out of the house.  Thus, you need a mirror with enhanced rotational and enlargement features and correct amount of lighting so you can see the finer details of your face.

The vanity mirror with lights is actually inspired by Hollywood stars.  These are considered professional and celebrity-style makeup mirrors.  They come in different sizes, shapes and functionality.  Most come with LED lights, giving the best possible and adjustable illumination.  They can be used for longer periods of time without the mirror getting hot.

There are now more enhanced features and functionality of the good old vanity mirror.  With technology, the latest vanity mirror with lights includes:

  • Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy music whilst applying makeup;
  • USB ports for charging your LED-lighted mirror as well as charging other devices like your phone; and
  • Date and time display.

The lights, plus the continuous enhanced features, added to the vanity mirror actually increases its value and makes it a very important everyday-use household item.  If you’re searching for the best vanity mirror with lights for your makeup regime, my advice is to look for one that has the latest enhanced features.  It may be a bit costlier but remember value for money and good user experience.

You might be wondering where to buy vanity mirror with lights for cheap.  Amazon is the best place as you have a huge variety to choose from, its cheaper and you also have previous customer reviews of the products to assist you make more educated purchase decisions.

Check out my article on how to choose the right type of vanity mirror for guidance.  Basically you check out suppliers, decide the finish you want, then the size and shape of the mirror, lights and color, the additional features you want and the prices.

You can get a beautiful mirror for less than $50, $100 or a bit more.  It depends on the additional features, quality and size.  Decide the experience you want to have with your mirror.  That should guide you in the right direction to source your product.  All the best.

Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on vanity mirror with lights for makeup.

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