Vanity Mirror With Lights and Bluetooth – New Features

Our  everyday-essential humble vanity mirror has come a long way.  With the introduction of new technology, new features are added to enhance user experience.  The mirror is now a source of light, charging station, music player, a clock and more.

For instance, the Hollywood-inspired vanity mirror with lights enables you to see the tiniest details of your face as you groom your brows or apply your makeup.  How would you like to do that in a relaxing environment, with background music?  With the added functionality of speakers to vanity mirror with lights, you can now listen to your favorite music.

I love the latest vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth technology.  Basically, Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to transfer data between different electronic devises.  The latest makeup vanity mirrors are built with Bluetooth technology and speakers at the back, enabling you to send music from your phone to play the speaker whilst you undertake your makeup routine.

The manufacturers of makeup vanity mirrors know that we women can spend some good amount of time in front of the mirror.  We can get impatient at times though.  Makeup is an art, thus we need a relaxing and stress-free environment to allow the creativity to come out as we enjoy our makeup sessions.

A Review of ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

You can get this vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth here.

This Hollywood vanity mirror is lit by 12-LED light bulbs with dimmer control.  It operates on 240 volts power, connectable through one of the two (2) USB charging ports.  The company claims this is safer than other similar products using 120 volts.

The vanity mirror has Bluetooth audio speakers at the back.  You can play your favorite music via Bluetooth whilst grooming.  The display also shows the date, time and temperature, so you keep up with time.  I know sometimes you “kill time” when you are applying makeup.

The mirror stands at 32-inches wide x 27-inches high. Its view-able area is 24-inches x 21-inches. Base footprint is 34-inches x 10-inches at its furthest point.  The mirror comes with a mounting kit so you can be mounted on the wall.  This mirror is UL listed and certified, thus meeting strict safety standards.

New Enhanced Features

The new enhanced feature of the mirror is the added functionality as a music player, a clock, calendar and a charging station.  This is in addition to the function of its lights.  It makes everyday usage of the vanity mirror more fun and with the additional function, a very valuable household item.

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