How to Choose the Right Type of Vanity Mirror

Knowing how to choose the right type of vanity mirror for its intended application, whether for reflection, travel, gift or as a beautiful home decor can be a rewarding experience.

The vanity mirror is an essential everyday-use personal grooming mirror that is used to check your appearance, apply makeup, do your hair and basically assist you to look your best. Also, referred to as the makeup mirror, vanity mirrors come in incredible variety, shapes and sizes.

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Factors that Can Determine your Vanity Mirror Choice

Since there are so many vanity mirrors on the market, your choice of the type of vanity mirrors may be determined by one or more of the following factors. In the end, it is your personal choice and preference that matters. Let me say, too, that making informed decisions best enhances your personal choice.

1. Placement

Where do you want to place your mirror? There are bathroom, bedroom and portable vanity mirrors. The freestanding ones come on their own whilst some come as part of a vanity table set. The one with vanity set will be more expensive though. You can also choose to have a freestanding or wall-mounted vanity mirror.

2. Lights

Do you prefer a vanity mirror with lights? If so, there are many types of vanity makeup mirrors that are illuminated by LED lights, light bulbs and plugin to the main power supply, USB port chargeable, operated by batteries, or combinations. If you don’t like artificial lighting, go for the ones made to use natural light.

3. Shapes, Sizes and Colors

Vanity mirrors come in many shapes (oval, square, rectangle, round), sizes and colors. You can choose a flat, double or tri fold vanity mirror, rotatable and with adjustable levels of illumination and magnification. As a bedroom decor, you may consider the color theme and compliment with a black or white vanity mirror, or any color of your choice.

4. Hollywood Style

Inspired by Hollywood stars, women love professional celebrity-style lighted vanity makeup mirrors with light bulbs around it so they can imitate their favorite stars in applying makeup to have that glamorous look. Teenage girls love Hollywood vanity mirror with lights so if you’re searching for a perfect gift for your girl, I highly recommend this.

Vanity mirror with lights

Vanity mirror with the lights is the best makeup mirror for your beauty regime. The lights enable you to see the tiniest details of your face as you groom your brows, apply eyeliner, tweezing or apply concealer to those tiny spots on your face. Most manufacturers use dimable light bulbs for professional, celebrity-style makeup mirrors as you can adjust the light distribution. Vanity mirrors with LED lights give the best possible illumination and they do not get hot even when used for longer periods of time.

Choosing the best bathroom vanity mirror

The bathroom mirror is an important piece of home decor as it is used by everyone in the house multiple times on a daily basis for brushing teeth, combing hair, applying makeup, shaving and getting dressed. So how do you choose the best bathroom vanity mirror?

The mirror you choose can have a huge impact on the look of your bathroom. So consider the overall bathroom vanity cabinet and the theme of the bathroom itself when deciding on the size, color, shape and type of your mirror.

Step 1: Check out suppliers

If you’re purchasing online, head over to Amazon and check out the huge variety of bathroom vanity mirrors on offer. You can find information on the dimensions of the mirror and its weight at the bottom Product Information section. Alternatively, you can go to major retailers near you or mirror manufacturers and check what they have on offer.

Step 2: Decide the finish you want

Mirrors are made for reflection and glass is a major component. But glass is not good for reflection so it is coated using metal coatings such as silver, gold or chrome. Most mirrors are coated with non-toxic silver or aluminum. The strength of the mirror increases with thickness and so as the price you’ll pay. Durability and reflectivity are key characteristics that determines the finish or coating of the mirror. For an all-white bathroom, a chrome polished mirror would be the best choice as it will bounce the light from the walls, making your bathroom look more spacious. If you want a mirror with frame, choose one that matches your bathroom vanity.

Step 3: The size and shape of your mirror

The size of your bathroom and the length of your vanity’s counter top will determine the mirror size and shape. As a general rule, choose a bathroom vanity mirror that is 2 to 4 inches narrower than the vanity (which consists of the sink, its counter, and its surrounding storage). The mirror can run along the entire length of the vanity or just span the length of the sink basin. Standard mirror sizes include 24 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches and 30 and 36 inches in height. The width can vary depending on the mirror shape.

Common mirror shapes are rectangular, oval and round. A big rectangular mirror for the bathroom is a common choice. You can also have a mirror with or without a frame. Bathroom vanity mirrors with frames are very ornate and gives your bathroom a trendy look and feel.

Step 4: Lights and color

Your bathroom may need more lighting to enable you to examine your face more closely. A bathroom vanity mirror with lights will take the guesswork away and provide you with the perfect lighting you require for your makeup and dressing. The color choice is really up to you. Be creative and choose colors that complements your overall bathroom theme. White vanity mirror with lights compliments any color theme.

Bedroom vanity mirror

I find it more convenient applying makeup in the bedroom than in the bathroom. It is more relaxing and I can take the time to meticulously attend to my beauty regime, whilst listening to my favorite music. My recommendation is to have vanity mirror with the lights for the bedroom as part of your bedroom vanity. If the mirror is wall-mounted, ensure that it is not facing the bed directly as the reflections may disturb your sleep.

I hope you find these tips useful in assisting you chose the best vanity mirror.  Please leave a comment below if you do.

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10 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Type of Vanity Mirror

  1. I didn’t know that a metal coating is what made the mirror reflective, but I love the idea of gold or silver behind the glass. I suppose chrome, as you mentioned, would be more practical than gold, but I want something to add a sort of mystical feel to my bedroom to hang on the wall, and something white might be too harsh to go with my rose-colored walls. I’ll have to see if there are any affordable gold options, though I’ll definitely keep in mind the thickness to make sure it’s sturdy.

  2. I would never have thought there was so much to think about in choosing a vanity mirror.

    I really like this article, I think a lot of thought has gone in to it and there is loads of interesting information and ideas of how to make sure I select the right mirror.

    I love the super glamorous type of vanity mirrors with the light bulbs around them

    1. Hi Louise, yee vanity mirrors are trendy items that can be beautiful home decor, too.  I know sometimes we just buy them.  Putting some thought into it can be satisfying.  The enhanced features of these mirrors now include things like Bluetooth speakers and USB charging ports.  These additions makes the vanity mirrors have added values.  Thanks for visiting my site and commenting.   

  3. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. My wife is a makeup artist but she never used vanity mirror with lights. She will be very surprised and happy to see it. I will definitely order one as I can see that they are not expensive. Thanks a lot for sharing such great info about mirrors.

    1. Hi Daniel, I’m glad you found some useful tips there.  The vanity mirror with lights is perfect for makeup.  I’m sure your wife will appreciate it.  Thanks for commenting.

  4. HI, I like it when I see posts like this, I just bought a thee bedroom apartment and am trying to put the place in other before the end of the month and I think the mirror would be part of the interior decor. I will check this out as soon as possible before I travel for summer break.

    1. Hi Destiny, I’m glad you found the article useful.  I wish you all the best in finding the right mirror for your apartment.

  5. Hello, I have scrutinized your article. At present time Vanity Mirror is a part and parcel in every single family. Now ,there are so many vanity mirrors available on market . We can see different  kinds of vanity mirror such as oval, square and so on.I prefer that every vanity mirror has own variety. so everyone can select this by their choice and it is very essential for every family.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    1. Thank you Jhonny for pointing that out.  With all these many varieties, I think I understand what you’re saying, so I can concentrate on the different types.  Once again, I appreciate your feedback.  

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