About Me

Hello and welcome to VanityMirrorLights.com!

My ultimate goal is to be of service to you, the women reading this, so you can illuminate your world with grace and beauty – physical, mental and spiritual beauty.  You are the mirror of divine beauty.  That is not vanity!

My story

My name is Kez. I love life, the beauty of nature and all things beautiful, organic food and I try my best to live a life of gratitude each day.

Ten years ago I became an independent distributor of Grace Cosmetics Beauty Products, a division of Pro-Ma Systems Australia.  Pro-Ma Systems sells its products through the network marketing business model, via independent distributors.

As an independent distributor, I received training and mentoring from the company to be a beauty consultant, business owner and a business coach to build my organization of new distributors that I recruit.

The training and mentoring I received from the company empowered me as a distributor. Additionally, using the Grace products and looking beautiful and feeling good boosted my self-esteem and confidence.

In my beauty and makeup training, I advice my clients to have a makeup mirror with lights so they can apply the makeup properly.  To me, the vanity makeup mirror, especially the vanity mirror with lights, is an essential item that any woman who wear makeup must have.

Why do I want to help you with vanity mirrors?

I realized that the local department store does not sell a variety of makeup vanity mirrors.  So the best place to find lighted vanity makeup mirror is online.

Through this website, I hope to be of help to you in finding a makeup vanity mirror that suits your preference.  I also provide beauty and makeup tips and reviews.

I know how frustrating it can be to search for something specific like 15x vanity mirror or small like vanity mirror light bulbs in a big internet that has billions of information.  So I do all the time-consuming research and analysis, including that of customers’ reviews for you.

The purpose of my website

The purpose of my website is to provide information, tips, reviews and recommendations on vanity mirrors, beauty and makeup.  You must have a vanity mirror to compliment your beauty regime.  A mirror with lights will help you apply the right amount of makeup in the right areas of your face.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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